5 reasons why you should be part of the Bahrain Grand Prix 2018

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    What’s more exhilarating than supporting and cheering your team at an international race?!

    Formula One is the prime motorsport event of the year across the world. And the Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix is an experience not to be missed.

    As a huge fan of F1 and racing, I’ve listed five reasons for why this season’s race is so important!

    • A fun-filled experience for all:

    Whether you are a season regular or a first-timer, the Bahrain Grand Prix provides entertainment for everyone to enjoy. This includes access to live concerts from world-famous artists, go-karting and the F1 Village, known for its food stalls, merchandise and even more entertainment! The live concerts have featured popular performers including Enrique Iglesias, Steve Aoki, Avicii and Pitbull; it’s definitely a part of the Bahrain Grand Prix experience that the entire family will be clamouring to attend.

    • The season’s first Night Race:

    A unique feature of the Bahrain Grand Prix, the Night Race has proven to be a popular event which started in 2014 to mark the tenth anniversary of the Bahrain Grand Prix. The Night Race provides everyone with an exciting finale to a weekend filled with thrill and anticipation. The Bahrain Grand Prix is one of the very few races in the season that takes place at night, and what’s more is that Bahrain’s weather in April makes the experience perfect! The balance of warm sunshine in the morning and the cooler temperatures in the evening allows you to enjoy the race without worrying about any April showers.

    • #ItsOurTeam #Mumtalakat4BH

    I personally believe that the upcoming season will be the most competitive and the most thrilling season to-date. We have seen the collaboration of more teams including #ItsOurTeam, McLaren, with their new Renault engine. This season’s race between McLaren, Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes for the championship title will be fast-paced and exciting! McLaren will be revealing their new colours and livery, marking the partnership with Renault and the next season’s drive… Most importantly, racing for McLaren is Fernando Alonso, who has two championships under his belt, and Stoffel Vandoorne, one of the youngest competitors in the race this year. #Racing4Bahrain

    • Reinventing Formula One:

    Due to the induction of a new Formula One management team, more excitement has built up for this upcoming season. In 2017, Formula One achieved 55% social media growth which caused it to outrank some of the most popular sports leagues such as the Champions League and the NFL. This growth has shown to be the result of an increase in social media content by Formula One and the increase of circuit activities for spectators worldwide. In addition, the creation of the new logo (above) has heralded a new-and-improved identity and feel to the Formula One. Not only has the fanbase expanded, but existing fans are feeling hopeful about the new era ushered in for Formula One.

    • Breaking tradition:

    By adding two new sets of tyres (Superhard and Hypersoft combinations) for the upcoming racing season, Pirelli’s wide range of tyres has provided engineers with the capability to improve racing strategies, which will undoubtedly add a new standard and edge for Formula One races this year.

    The Bahrain Grand Prix is not just a 57-lap race. It’s an experience that creates excitement from the first sound of a revving engine and crowds cheering, it fills us with adrenaline and anticipation! We live for the thrill that is Formula One.

    The Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix is set to take place on 6th – 8th April 2018, so what are you waiting for? Go and buy your tickets now!

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    Mohamed Alali, 
    Administrator, IT


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