With diverse knowledge and experiences, our people can make a difference. In today’s global competitive marketplace, top performers must seek out employers with values aligned to their own. We too seek global talent whose multifaceted experience and perspective can add to us. We are authentic in what we represent. Our culture stems from our values.

    We believe that our partners and stakeholders should be empowered to lead while collaboration and teamwork are at the heart of our success, both internally within the organisation and in our external interactions. This is only possible in a transparent and open environment and we pride ourselves on the success of our team in achieving their objectives and fulfilling their commitment to our stakeholders.


    At Mumtalakat, our aim is to build and maintain a professional team to create a well-governed institution that will serve the people of Bahrain for many years to come. Our people are the key drivers behind the success of our organisation. We believe in fostering an environment that nurtures positive working relationships including leadership, strategic thinking, decisiveness, collaboration, communication, integrity, resilience, growth mindset and innovation amongst us. It is only through these competencies that we can pursue excellence in order to achieve our vision of generating sustainable wealth for the Kingdom.



    We can only grow together. That is why we are focused on developing and growing our team through various training programmes. This provides us with a pathway to build our careers and empower us to achieve our mandate of growing the wealth of Bahrain.

    Not only that, but we are also committed to investing in the development of the future leaders of our Kingdom. We run an annual internship programme designed to provide a structured learning experience for young adults with relevant sectoral background and skills in which academic, career and personal development are promoted. This applies to university students looking for work experience to hone their professional skills and business awareness.