Suha Matar

    The Bahrain Institute for Pearls & Gemstones (Danat) has been conducting an intensive professional training programme for its new recruits at the Institute’s headquarters in the World Trade Centre. Designed to introduce the new generation of Bahraini graduates to gemmology, the programme is spearheaded by Danat CEO and renowned industry expert, Kenneth Scarratt.

    The training programme includes the use of classic gemmological analytical instruments while educating graduates in the field on gems’ geological genesis and biomineralisation, gem treatments and gem synthesis as well as the various features identified for testing including assessments of colour, measurements and treatment of stones.

    ‘The education of the country’s future gemmologists is an important part of the Danat mandate and promise,’ explained Scarratt. ‘We have been conducting practical sessions with our trainees, building on their theoretical knowledge of the instruments and their different applications in gemmology.’