Marina Durrat Al Bahrain Real Estate Development Company


    Real Estate & Tourism

    Marina Durrat Al Bahrain for Development Real Estate Company known as Durrat Marina is a Bahraini company jointly developed by Inovest and Durrat Khaleej Al Bahrain. Durrat Marina is established to partially develop and sell premier marina and waterfront real estate properties in the southern region of the Kingdom.

    Durrat Marina Development Project, one of the major components of the prestigious Durrat Al-Bahrain development project, falls on three reclaimed islands with a total land area of 477,000 sqm surrounding a marina basin and separates the main land with a water canal. Durrat Marina is designed to provide a luxury mixed-use residential/commercial marina lifestyle urban living surrounding a state of the art marina of a capacity of around 350 berths of various sizes of boats and yachts at completion and to create a vibrant destination to its residents and visitors.