A new look with a stronger connection

    Established just over 12 years ago as a holding company for the Government’s non-oil and gas stakes in 29 predominantly Bahrain-based assets, over the years we have invested heavily in Bahrain. We have introduced new companies serving important sectors and growing strategic companies like Alba, BIC and BAC, fostering good governance while supporting over 14,000 employees in the country and many more thousands of families.

    At the same time, we expanded our reach globally. At present we have stakes in over 65 companies in Europe, North America and the Middle East. This growth has been driven by our mandate to create sustainable value and prosperity for future generations in the Kingdom.

    Our impact has been indelible… As a major local economic stimulant, we felt that our identity as a government holding company and sovereign wealth fund, investing in and for Bahrain, needed to be emphasized more visually. This led to the development of a new brand icon and design approach to complement our existing logo.

    Our new style today firmly positions Mumtalakat as the investment arm of the government, underlining our commitment to development and growth…

    Our purpose hasn’t changed, but our connection has only grown stronger.

    Mahmood H. Alkooheji
    Chief Executive Officer


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