Our People


    We are committed to cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion.

    Our differences make us stronger.

    Our people are as diverse as our business. Through our different experiences, knowledge, innovation and capabilities, we make a unique team that thrives on a creative and efficient work environment.

    Not only are we diverse when it comes to experience, but we build on each other’s expertise, varied backgrounds and different qualifications.

    At Mumtalakat, opportunities know no gender. Only merit matters. We are always close to achieving gender parity.

    Our team consists of professional individuals from around the world, speaking 11 languages.

    While we welcome all nationalities, the majority of our expertise is Bahraini.


    Marwa Al Sabbagh
    Principal, Investments

    “Since joining in 2013, Mumtalakat provided me with various opportunities where I had to push my boundaries and excel. The experience I gained as part of the investment team and representing Mumtalakat in the boards of its portfolio companies propelled both my professional and personal growth.”

    Ashwin Kumar
    Senior Principal, Investments

    “Having been part of the Mumtalakat family for over 10 years, the one striking feature that I think stands out is the calibre of people Mumtalakat has been able to attract throughout the years. I guess this is because of the dynamic working environment being offered – ever evolving, and always pushing us to grow and realise our true potential.”

    Dana Khalaf
    Analyst, Investments

    “Since joining Mumtalakat in 2015, the exposure to transactions over diverse sectors and tailored training that were offered have contributed to my development both at a professional and personal level.”

    Husain Marzooq
    Associate, Investments

    “Mumtalakat provided me with the perfect platform to grow professionally. The exposure gained through working on international transactions and being seconded in our portfolio company, Alba is unparalleled. These experiences equipped me with specialised knowledge and skills that I believe would help me build a successful career.”